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The Slipper and the Rose Wallpaper gold.

The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella (1976)

An enchanting British musical retelling the Cinderella story though there is more focus on the Prince in this adaptation. It is both romantic and real. Like Perrault’s classic fairytale,  The Slipper and the Rose presents Cinderella (Gemma Craven) losing her beloved father and being forced into a life of servitude in her own home by her stepmother though we learn more about the Prince and matters regarding his kingdom. 

Charming Prince Edward of Euphrania (Richard Chamberlain) wants to marry for love but his father the King (Michael Horden) needs to arrange a political marriage with a princess from another kingdom to ensure the sovereignty of their small country.  
The King holds a ball so that Edward could find a wife and Cinderella’s fairy godmother (Annette Crosbie) transforms Cinderella so she can go. Prince Edward and Cinderella fall in love at the ball but their romance is complicated because she isn’t of noble blood.
The Sherman Brothers and Angela Morely received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song Score in 1978.
The film also features some golden oldies Margaret Lockwood in her last film (The Stepmother) Kenneth More (Lord Chamberlain) and Edith Evans (Dowager Queen)

The Sherman Brothers received the following award nominations: an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Score, a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Score and a BAFTA nomination for Best Original Music

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